PSD new logo color 9 18 (1)And they lived happily ever after…… Our Service Dogs change lives. We champion the nurturing bond between dogs and people.
Putnam Service Dogs trains free service dogs for people with physical disabilities other than blindness, and veterans. We carefully select mixed breed dogs from rescues to train. Our service dogs transform lives – opening them up, allowing people with disabilities to live with dignity, independence, and happiness.
Our free, highly trained service dogs are trained 2 years, hundreds of hours. Their obedience is honed to a very high level, they have impeccable house manners, and they perform the tasks their person requires.
A service dog assists a person with disabilities to do tasks that person is unable to do themself. (the legal definition of a service dog under the American Disabilities Act). Our dogs assist people with hearing disabilities, to successfully navigate through crowds, handle stairs, to retrieve dropped items – whatever their person needs.


Putnam Service Dogs, Inc.
Contact: Nancy Teague
Phone: 917 449 5359
Email: [email protected]
PO Box 573
Brewster NY 10509