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Organize, Clear Out & Box Up

We are your home organizing and moving concierge! Our experienced home organization team will make sure that your house shines.

Downsizing service for homeowners, organizing & decluttering. If the home is being sold, we can get it ready for listing with current belongings (re-arranged) or provide staging services as needed.

Think of us as your certified moving concierge, we can also provide referrals for other building services, including window washing, floor cleaning and painting, as needed.

Also offered: Decluttering services, reorganization of home, workspaces and garages (This includes haul-out services, as required.)

CRTS™ Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist 55+

Contact us for a free* consultation:
Elissa Leone, M.Div., CRTS™
Tel: (914) 487-2460 or (203) 449-3335
Email: [email protected]

*The first hour of the consultation is free.